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Article: Property Investment – Japan

Hi there, Share with you the article recently published with JL’s comments on it. With the exception of the Koreas, Japan may be Asia-Pacific’s most impenetrable location. While not politically insular in practise or by coup it is still one of the world’s more enigmatic countries. Despite an onslaught — and embrace — of overseas … Continue reading

JLA 2015 Market Outlook & 2014 Review

Dear all, We are moving forward a bit faster than last year and very much need your valuable supports. As what we have been doing over the past 2 decades, we are to continue updating you the latest market. There you are our “JLA 2015 Market Outlook” for your kind reading. A bit late but … Continue reading

Invest in Japan platform NEWLY launched 日本房地產投資平台「新登場」

JLA has officially launched its Invest in Japan Facebook platform. Market news, trendy info, property news & updates, events & activities, property seminars, property purchase & advisory in Japan etc can all be found on our FB now. Go click the link, follow us for more info. Let’s Go Japan!   JLA的面書 Invest in Japan平台,今天正式公開。你們可以在這裡找到市場信息、時尚資訊、地產消息和活動分享、地產講座、樓盤介紹、分析與銷售等,內容豐富。來吧,點擊我們Invest … Continue reading