JL report- HK 2015 Policy Address 香港2015施政報告發表

Hi there, CY Leung the Chief Executive of HK gave his third policy address since he took the office. This is the one he announced the measures shortly after the occupy Central. The 219 paragraphs were being read by CY focused on the housing problems and measures in HK.
There you are the points in relatively better shape that I can share with you:
  • the 2014 Feb issue of “Undergrad”, the official magazine of the HKU students’ Union, featured a cover story entitled “HK people deciding their own fate”. In 2013, a book named “HK Nationalism” published by “Undergrad” advocates HK should find a way to self-reliance and self-determination. The Undergrad and other students have misstated some fact. WE MUST STAY ALERT (Intro)
  • the government continue to assist HK enterprises to develop the mainland market by brand building etc thought the $1bn dedicated fund (Economy)
  • propose injecting $5bn into the Innovation and Technology Fund, the govt to set up an Enterprise Support Scheme to enhance funding support for R&D projects of the private sector (Economy)
  • intend to use Kowloon East as a pilot area to explore the feasibility of developing a Smart City (Economy)
  • establishment of an Agricultural Park and a Sustainable Agriculture Development Fund to encourage the application of new and advanced tech to local agriculture and enhance the industry’s overall competitiveness (Economy)
  • 5 years from 14/15 to 18/19, a total of 77,100 public rental housing units will be completed (Housing, Land & Transport)
  • In the long term housing strategy, the govt has maintained their PRH production target of about 20,000 unit each year of the next decade (Housing, Land & Transport)
  • Housing Authority will put up appr 2700 & 2000 Home Ownership Scheme flats for pre-sale in 15/16 & 16/17  (Housing, Land & Transport)
  • different forms of subsidized sale flats to meet the needs of different people. Proposed to the Housing Authority suitable flats should be identified among PRH developments for sale to Green Form applicants (=those living and renting PRH)  (Housing, Land & Transport)
  • Private Housing, supply from the first hand for the coming 3~4 years, appr 74,000 units, produced an average of about 11,400 flats each year over the past 5 years  (Housing, Land & Transport)
  • protection for needy citizens after retirement should be improved, to earmark $50bn to provide for future needs (Poverty Alleviation)
  • nurture local manpower. The task force under Education Bureau to further promote the attractiveness of vocational education. Proposals to be put forward in mid-2015 (Optimizing Population for the Future)
  • attract the second generation of Chinese HK permanent residents who have emigrated overseas to return to HK/ attract a larger pool of young talent with excellent educational background or international work experience to come to HK (Optimizing Population for the Future)
  • suspend the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme from tomorrow (Optimizing Population for the Future)
  • examining to increase the no of publicly-funded degree places in medicine, dentistry and other healthcare specialities in the next funding cycle for universities (Optimizing Population for the Future)
  • will review the child allowance under salaries tax in the coming Budget, implementing 15-tear free education can help lessen the financial burden on young parents. The committee to submit report to the govt in mid-2015 (Optimizing Population for the Future)
  • the statutory minimum wage rate will be increase to $32.5 per hour (Optimizing Population for the Future)
  • 2014年2月,香港大學學生會的官方刊物《學苑》的封面專題是《香港民族 命運自決》。2013年,《學苑》編印一本名為《香港民族論》的書,主張香港「尋找一條自立自決的出路」。對《學苑》和其他學生,包括佔中的學生領袖的錯誤主張,我們不能不警惕。我們並要求與學運領袖有密切關係的政界人士勸阻。(引言)
  • 繼續推行總值10億元的「專項基金」,協助香港企業建立品牌、升級轉型和拓展內銷,發展內地市場。(經濟)
  • 建議向「創新及科技基金」注資50億元,並將投資研發現金回贈計劃納入基金之內。政府亦正設立「企業支援計劃」,加強資助私營機構的研發項目。(經濟)
  • 以九龍東為試點,研究發展「聰明城市」的可行性(經濟)
  • 政府有必要積極介入和適當支援農業的生存和發展。。。包括設立農業園和「農業持續發展基金」,推動本地農業採用高新科技,和提升整體競爭力(經濟)
  • 在2014-15至2018-19的五年期內,預計共有77 100個公屋單位落成;長策亦維持未來10年每年平均興建約20 000個公屋單位的目標。(房屋土地)
  • 房委會將於2015-16及2016-17年度分別預售約2 700個及約2 000個居屋單位(房屋土地)
  • 建議房委會選擇合適的正在興建公屋項目,以先導計劃形式,出售給「綠表」人士(房屋土地)
  • 私營房屋方面,未來3至4年一手私人住宅物業市場的供應量約為74 000個單位,是有記錄以來的新高。過去5年,私營單位平均每年落成量只有約11 400個單位。(房屋土地)
  • 政府認同應改善有需要的市民在退休後的生活保障。預留500億元,未雨綢繆。(扶貧安老助弱)
  • 是培育本地人力,教育局轄下的推廣職業教育專責小組正積極研究進一步推廣職業教育為具吸引力的多元途徑,並會在今年年中提交建議。(優化人口創建未來)
  • 吸引已移居海外的中國籍香港永久性居民的第二代回港發展(優化人口創建未來)
  • 吸納更多擁有優秀教育背景或國際工作經驗的年輕人才來港發展(優化人口創建未來)
  • 明日起暫停推行「資本投資者入境計劃」(優化人口創建未來)
  • 積極研究在下一個大學撥款周期增加以公帑資助的醫科、牙科及其他醫療專科學士學額,並會繼續與香港醫務委員會商討優化醫生執業資格試的安排。(優化人口創建未來)
  • 下一個財政預算案將檢視薪俸稅下的子女免稅額。此外,落實15年免費教育將有助減輕年輕父母的負擔。免費幼稚園教育委員會會在今年年中向政府提交報告。(優化人口創建未來)
  • 法定最低工資將調高至每小時32.5元(優化人口創建未來)
CY spent quite a lot of pages on Housing but skeptical whether the govt can increase the land bank. The policy is targeting much on the grass root people which may not be able to solve the main housing problem. On the Economy space, many plans were there but nothing concrete. The agricultural industry support cannot help much in the financial servicing city- HK. The 50 billion retirement funds have no concrete plan either may return back to the govt when nothing happens in the next few years means it’s just the no. Tax allowance increase on children helps but not much either. Investment Immigration CIES plan suspend tomorrow is a surprise making the financial institutions a bit itchy but will not affect the property market much for it was not counted in the investment quota for some time already. Last but not least, the recent hot topic “political reform” has not been touched tells the government is too relaxing??

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