Hotel in Tokyo Ginza for Sale

Date: 2020.9.29 No: JLAJPC002 Hotel in Tokyo Ginza for Sale 東京銀座飯店出售 PROJECT DETAILS Location 地段:Tokyo Chuo ku Ginza 東京中央区銀座 Access 交通:Tokyo Metro Lines, Higashi Ginza Station/Ginza Station Land Area 土地面積:~560sqm GFA 總面積:~5,670sqm Floors 樓層:13 + basement Rooms 房間:223 Purpose 目的:Commercial 商業, Hotel 飯店 Building 構造:Concrete 鉄筋 Completion 完工:2018 Selling Price 價格:JPY22.3bn(223億日圓) HIGHLIGHTS niche location, high … Continue reading

New Hotel in Shinjuku Tokyo for Sale

Date: 2020.9.29 No: JLAJPC001 New Hotel in Shinjuku Tokyo for Sale 東京新宿新飯店出售 PROJECT DETAILS Location 地段:Tokyo Shinjuku Kabukicho 東京新宿歌舞伎町 Access 交通:Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line/ Toei Oedo Line Land Area 土地面積:279 sqm GFA 總面積:2124 sqm Floors 樓層:11 Rooms 房間:113 Purpose 目的:Hotel 飯店 Building 構造:Concrete 鉄筋 Completion 完工:end of 2019 Selling Price 價格:JPY 4bn + tax 10% … Continue reading

Tokyo Omotesando Residence Whole Block for Sale

Date: 2020.9.29 No: JLADK002 TOKYO OMOTESANDO RESIDENCE WHOLE BLOCK 東京表参道住宅全棟 PROJECT DETAILS • Location地段:Tokyo Shibuya Jinggumae 東京渋谷区神宮前 • Access交通:Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line/ Fukutoshin Line/Ginza Line/Chiyoda Line/Hanzomon Line • Land Area土地面積:~435sqm • GFA總面積:~928sqm • Floors樓層:4 + basement / 10 units • Purpose目的:Residential 住宅 • Completion完工:2005 / Concrete鉄筋 • Selling Price價格:~JPY1.42bn (~14.2億日圓) HIGHLIGHTS • youngster hotspot, good … Continue reading

Tokyo Kichijoji Residence whole block for sale

Date: 2020.9.29 No: JLADK001 TOKYO KICHIJOJI RESIDENCE WHOLE BLOCK 東京吉祥寺住宅全棟 PROJECT DETAILS • Location地段:Tokyo Musashinoshi Kichijoji 東京武蔵野市吉祥寺 • Access交通:JR Chuo Line Kichijoji Station 中央線吉祥寺駅 • Land Area土地面積:~536sqm • GFA總面積:~418sqm • Floors樓層:2 / 12 units • Purpose目的:Residential 住宅 • Completion完工:2018 / Wood 木造 • Selling Price價格:~JPY412m(~4.12億日圓) HIGHLIGHTS • good location, famous place, 100% occupancy • Expected … Continue reading

JLA Outlook 2018

With 2018 2H A share outlook. Kicked off the one-stop Corporate Service biz. Click the below for details. JLA Outlook 2018 HighRes